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Anne’s diary helped the world learn about the horrors of the Nazi genocide of European Jews. But it also put heavy symbolic weight on the shoulders of a murdered 15-year-old who could no longer speak for herself #HolocaustRemembranceDay

In Episode 1, Tara learns about legendary diver Doc Jones—and the underwater memorial he placed at the wreck site of the British ship Henrietta Marie

The first episode of #IntoTheDepths, our new six-part podcast is live! In this series, Tara Roberts aims to expand the historical record and to honor the estimated 1.8 million unsung souls who perished during the Middle Passage.…

Led by professional photographers and filmmakers from around the world, ReFOCUS courses have given students the ability to express themselves and share stories of struggle and resilience

On the first episode of #IntoTheDepths, National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts upends her life—including leaving her job—to join a group of Black scuba divers searching for lost shipwrecks from the transatlantic slave trade

#TBT: "How the Pentagon learned to start worrying and investigate UFOs"

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